The core of any properly designed business security system is intrusion detection. When planning and designing your system, a Rockford Tech Systems professional will conduct a detailed analysis of your organization to identify specific threats and vulnerabilities, including a thorough review of the physical architecture of your facilities and identification external and internal areas susceptible to intrusion.

After this analysis, a complete and comprehensive intrusion security solution is developed. Intrusion detection is fully integrated with your entire security system and linked with Emergency24, our professionally-staffed monitoring center.

This integrated approach ensures the appropriate authorities are quickly notified in the event of any security breach.

Always One Step Ahead in Business Security and Intrusion Detection

Rockford Tech Systems installs the best possible intrusion security solution for each situation.

As criminals evolve and adapt to security technologies and methods, older security equipment ultimately becomes less and less effective. That’s why, through our strategic partnerships with leading security manufacturers, Rockford Tech Systems is committed to providing only the most advanced security system equipment available. We continually compare products and test technologies to identify and install the best possible security solutions for each situation.

This knowledge and experience means we know what products work best for specific types and sizes of businesses. Whether you are looking to protect a warehouse, retail store, office complex or other facility, Rockford Tech Systems has the specialized knowledge to design and install an intrusion detection system that will give you unmatched results and reliability.